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Natural Discoveries is an award-winning series of free nature programs for children aged seven and over and adults. The program catalog is available for download on the Ohio Natural History Museum website. This list of activities is exhaustive and includes a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, kayaking, fishing, camping, canoeing and much more.

For program details, see the Ohio Natural History Museum program catalog (listed 10-12). For details of the programme, please see our list of free nature programmes for children aged seven and over and adults on the Natural Discovery Museum website. See our list of free nature programs for children 7 to 10 years old and children 12 years and younger on our program page for program details.

This is an opportunity for nature and photography enthusiasts to share knowledge with like-minded people, gain access to photography-related programs and events and support the park.

Bring your family and friends to the Lester Rail Trail for this spooky event and enjoy a relaxing evening in the park. Bring your family and friends along to the Lester train track for a night of fun, entertainment and fun for the whole family! Bring family or friends along the Lester Railway Trail for a spooky experience for an evening of horror, fun and entertainment.

Take a trip with your family along the Lester Railway Trail for an evening of horror, fun and entertainment for the whole family!

Wild guys: Wild Things will be open to the public on Saturday, October 13, from 7: 30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the Lester Railroad in Medina.

This family-friendly event includes live music, food, crafts, games and activities for children and adults alike. There is also more to enjoy, such as a children's playground, a petting zoo and more.

The following weekend, the Holiday Parade of Lights will present an inverted parade through the Ohio State Fairgrounds, which in turn reverses the parade. Parade participants park on site and visitors can drive in and view the exhibition. New this year and extended into January, there are holidays - the first Friday of the month shopping and eating.

The fairgrounds are open on the first Friday of the month from 10 am to 4 pm, and whoever comes first has the edge. The gates close at 6.30 pm when the car park is full and at 7pm, except on Christmas Eve.

She said that while there will still be the traditional candlelight walk at the weekend, the activities related to the "holiday" will continue throughout the year. She said the community's pavilion and Christmas tree "will still be beautifully decorated with the backdrop of thousands of family photos, we will still celebrate the wonders of the season, and Medina will be home to the largest number of Christmas trees in Ohio State and the second largest in Ohio," she said.

Please note that bird bands are a weather variable and may not be performed when it rains or snows. Listen to what our animal lovers are doing to prepare for winter weather, followed by a short hike to look for animal tracks. We will also have child-friendly crafts and activities to get to know some of the most misunderstood animals.

If you have a family member with mental illness, you are invited to participate in this free 12-part educational program. Patients must complete a waiver form and obtain written approval from their doctor before they can participate. The use of materials in this course does not constitute sponsorship by the AHA and the fees charged for the course do not represent income for the association.

Join a naturalist on the water to enjoy the autumn colors that unfold around you. Watch the development of nature with us all year round - in the park.

With the Cuyahoga Astronomical Association's telescope, you can see objects in the sky such as planets and the moon. There is much to see and do, including live music and entertainment, as well as food and drink. Enjoy a fun little basket weaving to express the season, or add a new basket that you have woven to your autumn decor.

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